BCS Citizen’s Charter



A vital government information arm dedicated to accurate, relevant and responsible communications services in support of the Presidency.



To continuously provide Government organizations and select groups information on the President’s thrusts, priorities and accomplishment through publications, networking, special events and other communications support services.


Core Values

BCS believes in the integrity of public service, truth in communication, dedication and excellence in work, teamwork, respect for the individual and recognition of the need for God’s divine guidance.



  • Develop and conduct public information campaigns that will enhance awareness to and secure positive public acceptance and support of the programs and activities of the government and the Presidency;

  • Coordinate information dissemination programs and projects including campaigns directed at the Bureau’s specific target publics;

  • Supervise the over-all conceptualization, and production of special Publications and audio-visual information/communication materials for the government and the Presidency;

  • Supervise the conceptualization, production, printing and dissemination of all information/communication materials and publication in support of the government and the Presidency.


Organizational Set-Up

The Bureau is headed by the Director and assisted by four (4) division chiefs. The four (4) divisions are Planning and Research, Special Operations, Special Production and Finance and Administrative.

The Planning and Research Division is tasked with work planning, project monitoring and evaluation and data banking. It provides issue management support that facilitates government’s response to issues of the day.

The Special Operations Division produces photo exhibits and organizes forums to inform select groups about the various government programs and projects. It also maintains the bureau’s website.

The Special Production Division supervises the development, printing and dissemination of the bureau’s publications in support of the activities of the government and the Presidency.

The Finance and Administration Division performs tasks in support of the agency operations.


Lists of publications

  • Policy Statement
  • Vital Legislative Agenda
  • Compilation of Selected Speeches
  • SONA Speech
  • Technical Report